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When you're thinking about updating the floors in your home or business, save time and money by visiting Endicott's Flooring & Stair Concepts in Greer, SC. You'll find an endless selection of high-quality flooring and dedicated flooring contractors who can deliver and install beautiful flooring that you're sure to love. From natural hardwoods to plush carpets, you can find the right flooring for any space at Endicott's Flooring & Stair Concepts.

Hardwood Flooring

Choose from over 100 different hardwood flooring options.

Hardwood Flooring

Tile Flooring

Customize your home with unique tile floor designs.


Wake up to soft carpets under your feet.



Design a beautiful staircase that complements your home.


Find your flooring style at Endicott's Flooring & Stair Concepts

Endicott's Flooring & Stair Concepts is one of the largest flooring dealers in Greer, SC. We carry hundreds of flooring options for all types of living and commercial spaces, including:

  • Natural and engineered hardwood
  • Ceramic, vinyl and laminate tile
  • Plush carpets and area rugs

We even offer floor refinishing services to give your floors a fresh, new look. Visit our 8,000-square-foot showroom today to shop our high-quality flooring.

Materials and installation in one place

Endicott's Flooring & Stair Concepts makes updating your flooring a whole lot easier. We offer turnkey flooring services, from pointing you to high-quality flooring options to ensuring proper installation throughout your home or business. With over 40 years of experience, we can guarantee results that will leave you floored.

When you visit our showroom, we'll take the time to understand your needs, style and budget so you get the flooring services you deserve. Meet with our local flooring contractors today to get started.